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Friends of a Feather

Directed by Dennis Britschgi

9.5 minutes

Not Rated (could be PG for drug references, fake fighting and fake blood. No sex or profane language.)

An afternoon visit seems to be normal enough, but beneath the light chatter and cheery atmosphere are some very strange family values. You've never seen children fight like this!

Starring: Darrell Batchelder, Irina Tobias, Craig Weiler, Carmel Weiler

With: Joe Batchelder and Alex Sockell.

The Kellers and their Country

Directed by Dennis Britschgi

13 minutes

Not Rated (Could be PG. No sex, violence or profanity. However there is profanity in the outtakes.)

Life is just fine for the Kellers as they sit down to watch a movie. But with a knock on the door all of that changes in a heartbeat. Watch as they cope with a nightmare of government intrusion. Don't miss the FBI warning!

Starring: Irina Tobias, Craig Weiler, Milan Lazich, Carmel Weiler

With: Scott Schwartz, Alicia Molin, Joe Batchelder, Dennis Britschgi, Van Jepson

The Artist Known as Crumple

Directed by Craig Weiler and Dennis Britschgi

43 minutes

Not Rated (Could be PG-13 for gratuitous cleavage. No profanity.)

A mockumentary of an artist about to make it big. Anna, the interviewer, (Irina Tobias) struggles to produce her documentary despite the fact that Crumple, (Dennis Britschgi) is clueless, his assistant is obnoxious (Alicia Molin)and his manager (Carmel Weiler) is ruthless. To make matters worse, her boom pole operator (Joe Batchelder) is pathetic. Nevertheless, a plot is discovered that could destroy Crumple's career.

Starring: Irina Tobias, Carmel Weiler, Dennis Britschgi, Milan Lazich, Alicia Molin, Joe Batchelder

With: Craig Weiler, Cynthia Burgess, Raghu Halur

The Company (Coming Soon)

Directed by Craig Weiler and Dennis Britschgi

30 minutes

Not Rated (Could be PG)

A two year old company is finally ready to launch it's first product. Why then is its fifth CEO apprehensive? How can the new product pass Quality Assurance in less than one week? How can the product launch when all the employees are forever away from the office? Who really is running the company?

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