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About Us

About the President: Carmel Weiler

Carmel focuses on the business side of Van Cat Productions maintaining relationships with investors and producers as well as giving creative support to projects.

Carmel is the President of Van Cat Productions and also ComTego Inc.: A computer support company. A former IT manager and a closet actor, Carmel is responsible for handling the business aspects of Van Cat Productions. In addition she has also done improvisational comedy, is a singer and has acting roles in the productions. She also handles the cat.

About the Producer: Craig Weiler

Craig is the lead creative brain behind the projects. He is writer, producer, editor, prop builder and actor.

Using his degree from U.C. Berkeley (thanks Dad), he runs a construction business to keep making the mortgage. Over many years Craig has acquired the skills and equipment to run the productions through self taught study and independent classes. Craig is half of the writing team and doubles as director when Dennis Britschgi is acting. He does not handle the cat.

Staff Members and Crew

Writer/Director: Dennis Britschgi

Dennis has directed three of the productions, in addition to having acting roles and also is instrumental in doing script re-writes. He has done improvisational comedy productions and attends events to gather new material. He hates the cat.

Director of Photography: Daan Van Schooneveld

Daan has handled the camera for two of the productions and assists the director with setting up shots. He doesn't care about the cat.

Composer: Joe Batchelder

Although he is only sixteen, Joe has proved to be quite valuable in providing good original scores for our last two shoots, quality acting and some production assistance. He eats the cat's food.

Mascot/Logo: Tiberius

Full name: Summit Springs Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Augustus. A 12-year old neutered purebred Turkish Van. Tiberius is your basic big, strong and somewhat ill-tempered cat. Too dangerous to show, too annoying to breed, his exalted status has been reduced to common house cat. He does however; kill gophers, and rats at an astonishing rate, thereby earning his keep and much praise.

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