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The All Purpose Comedy Specialists

We are a low budget production company located in Northern, (not La La land) California dedicated to producing comedy. Being serious was really really hard work. So we quit. Instead, we produce comedy short films that showcase our outstanding acting, our terrific writing, our dazzling production skills and our cat.

Tired of mindless punch line sitcoms?

Do you want your comedy to have more depth than a rain puddle?

  • Movies produced by Van Cat Productions are written and acted by grown ups with the kind of wit and intelligence one would expect from people who are too old to put up with the crap on television.
  • Believe it or don't; we manage to be funny with out depending on crude humor, profane language or sexual innuendos. We do it the old fashioned way: with cynicism.

Movie short resume:

If you're into satire or dark comedy our movies will instantly appeal to you. Give us a try. We promise we won't bite.

See Our New Releases!

"IT Godfather: A Favor For George"
(9Mb Quicktime file)

"The Nigerian Connection"
(7Mb Quicktime file)
TV Gina
OSHA and the Hit Man
Friends of a Feather
The Kellers and their Country
The Artist Known as Crumple
Teenage Suicide: The Extreme Version

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